Club Ninja: Lamest BOC album.

Chris Bates C.D.Bates at SHEFFIELD.AC.UK
Tue May 7 11:42:34 EDT 1996

Carl wrote:

>         Iommi seems to get on OK with Rob Halford--they're working on
> a new project together.

This set me thinking, it'd be the basis of a great metal supergroup. So
how about Iommi on rhythm and the odd lead, Rob Halford on vocals and
inappropriate screaming, Lemmy on bass, Ian Paice on drums and Uli Jon
Roth on lead guitar.

I'm not sure about Uli - after all the others are all Brits whereas he
merely lives here (Tunbridge Wells apparently, can't believe it! One of
the most conservative, staid bits of Britain and it's the place heavy
metal guitarists go when they retire :-)


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