Other: Big Buck CD Player & 1 Life, please - to go

Rudich, Robert A Rudich at VOLPE2.DOT.GOV
Tue May 14 13:38:00 EDT 1996

>Too true.  I went to a big electronics store (one in Buffalo called
>Stereo Advantage, that had a room with literally about 60 models of
>CD players), and I took with me a set of headphones whose sound I
>was familiar with, and a number of my favorite CDs.

>swann at panix.com

A real good time in Buffalo (no beer and wings?), you do need a life.   I
couldn't resist tying threads and I grew up in the Queen city myself.


ObHW:   I thought I remembered something mentioned here about the lineup for
the Toronto 90 gig being different, maybe somebody other than Richard on
drums.   Is this so or more lost brain cells?

Who on Fox @ 8 EST

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