OFF: Dead Flowers and Guru Guru (was Re: HW bits)

Chris Baxley Chris_Baxley at SONYMUSIC.COM
Tue May 21 18:14:12 EDT 1996

>        I spotted this one also.  I thought the Krautrock band Guru Guru
 >       broke up years ago.  I have heard the names of about three or four
 >      GG albums before, but I don't recall ever hearing 'Spaceship' as a
 >        title.  Names I've heard include 'Kanguru', 'Hinten', and 'Dance of
 >        the Flames'.  Another tidbit:  RPM lists this item as a domestic!
 >        Is this the same band?  Any other Krautrock fans with further info?

The latest catalog from Midnight Records lists "Wah Wah" by Guru Guru as "Euro
CD - New Effort", so I  assume they've reformed...

I have "UFO" and "Hinten", both of which are excellent.  Very eclectic, and
clearly ahead of their
time for the early 70's.   Another great band from the same genre (that also
reformed recently)
is Faust, though I haven't heard their latest effort.  Their eponymous first
album (the one with the x-ray hand on the cover) is a brilliant, sick piece of
work.  It is (was?) reissued on CD from Polydor/Japan.  Faust did a sparse tour
of the U.S. a couple years ago, including an "experimental performance"  I
drove 900 miles to witness in Devils Furnace, Death Valley.
Now that was a trip - a bunch of people perched on rocks and and cliffs banging
on pipes,
blowing didgeridoos and yodelling  while Japanese noise artist Keiji Haino
(sp?) coughed up multiple hairballs.  Later their guitarist Herve cranked up a
generator-powered Marshall and sent spasms of feedback and distortion rippling
through the canyons.  Very Cool.

 - Chris

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