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Alex S. Garcia asg at IMAGINET.FR
Tue Feb 11 15:01:07 EST 1997

>> (BTW who is Kerry Livgren?).
>He is (or was) a member of Kansas. I don't remember what he plays.

And you don't remember for a very good reason : he used to play of
practically every instrument. He was, I think, the main creative element in
the band (not unlike Al in BOC ;-) and Kansas wasn't quite Kansas anymore
after he left...

On "Masque" (one of their best albums), for instance, Kerry Livgren is
credited for all of the following :

Lead and rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, clavinet, moog and ARP

In addition to all this, he was also the main composer & lyricist (along
with Steve Walsh) of the band and wrote some of their best songs. OTOH, I
don't think he ever sang any Kansas song... not to my knowledge, anyway, but
I may be wrong on this one. Anything's possible with Livgren ;-) Jerry might
know - I know he's a Kansas fan too ;-)
        BTW, he's also released a number of solo albums and has become a
Christian some years ago.

Alex S. Garcia.

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