HW Tattoos

William Duffy xl5 at IINET.NET.AU
Fri Feb 21 10:05:44 EST 1997

dench wrote:
> Yeah, I'm not saying she's not British, my point was that she has adopted
> a very phoney pseudo-regional accent.  Nobody from Manchester sounds like
> she does (unless they're on American TV!).  It's just an observation from
> watching US comedies that when a British accent is featured, it is usually
> a stereotypical accent.  I am sure that any American watching a British TV
> representation of a US accent would feel the same way.
> In the UK we even have phoney accents in comedies set in different regions
> of the country.  For instance, comedies set in Liverpool have a
> stereotypical accent, a sort of exaggerated, refined version of the real
> thing.
In many films & TV shows, they feel it necessary to emphasize the accent. I've read of
some British actors who have been told their accent is not British enough for certain
roles, so they had to fake an even more obvious accent.
It's the same in the UK. In Doctor Who, an Australian actress who played his assistant
at one stage didn't sound Australian enough, so she had to fake it even more. Another
who lived in the US for many years had to do the same with the American accent, yet in
reality she sounds very British.

My idea of a bad accent is somethink akin to Scotty in Star Trek. I am Scottish and I
don't know anyone that sounds like that?


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