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Carl Edlund Anderson cea20 at CUS.CAM.AC.UK
Tue Mar 18 05:51:38 EST 1997

> >Coincidentally enough, among the ones I want
> >but won't pay *that* for them are [...] Kraftwerk's Autobahn at
> >16.99UKP.- Breadheads!
> Which I think was the first LP I ever bought!  Credible or what? :)
> (Well actually, my memory is just the tiniest bit vague, and I've this
> horrible feeling it just might have been _Tubular Bells_.  Oh well!)

    Well, the first record I bought was the Monkees _Headquarters_, which
IMO is still pretty cool :)

     Although in my knee-high years :)  I was a great devotee of my
parents' _Fiddler on the Roof_ movie soundtrack LPs.  Also my mom's Judy
Collins LP with all the whale songs on it.  Those were cool noises.
Presumably, liking Hawkwind is but a further development of this tendancy


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