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Daniel Wikdahl mpj95wid at MC.HIK.SE
Thu May 8 18:55:20 EDT 1997

Hey guys... what is this? Has anyone heard of this before?

>From Anekdotens web-page;

The venue for the Stockholm Progfest has
                           been changed to Folkoperan. The festival
                           will run between the 29th and 31st of
                           August (with the 31st being the
                           "convention day") and the bands that are
                           scheduled to appear are Höyry-kone
                           (Finland), Standarte (Italy), Lucifer
                           Was (Norway), Pär Lindh Project, Darxtar
                           and Anekdoten (Sweden). Possible
                           headlines are Gong or Hawkwind.

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