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Mon May 12 12:33:36 EDT 1997

>>I sortof gave up,
>> thinking they had broken up, and having no way of
>> knowing or learning anything about them

>it seems a significant protion of HW's fan-base are under the
>same impression.  many that i spoke to when i was a mamber of
>aol, in the chat rooms, were shocked to discover that they were
>still a band.

Well, maybe if Hawkwind would tour the SF Bay Area more, this
problem wouldn't exist.  On www.hawkwind.com, the theme of
the interviews seems to be "we'd come, if there's money in it,
but there's generally not, so we don't."  I can't believe that.
I go to "mundane" record stores like Tower and CD Warehouse,
and not only do they carry plenty of Hawkwind, but the CDs they
carry are constantly changing!  (an indication to me that the CDs
sell well and are always turning over.)   There are either a lot of
Hawkwind fans that shop only at the stores in my one-horse town,
or the SF Bay Area is a good bet for a profitable show.

Incidentally, "California Brainstorm" was (I think) recorded and
produced by employees of KFJC, a very poplur college station
here.  (However, a TV-Guide "Jeer" to whoever wrote the liner
notes, for slamming the opening act, whoever they were.  That's
a most unprofessional, unkind, and uncalled-for thing to do...)


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