BOC in Darien/Wheezer

Thu May 15 11:22:15 EDT 1997

Theo said,

>BD said in one of the chats that BOC was playing at Darien Lake this
>summer.  I forget what the date was.  Have you heard anything about
>the gig?  Do you know if it's a BOC gig or a stop on the Wheezer Fest

I haven't heard anything from here, but I'm so far away from a city that
I can only pick up a classic rock station on the radio when I'm in the car.
Luckily, I did hear that the Who were playing Darien Lake, so I get to watch
Pete try one more windmill.  I would think that BOC would be part of the Wheezer
Fest for this one.  I don't think they're a big enough act to headline there.


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