HW: Favourite Moments

Cutting, Richard richard.cutting at SYNOPSYS.LTD.UK
Fri Nov 14 05:54:24 EST 1997

        Troy Harris wote

        > For me, the power of Levitiation/Circles on "Do not panic
Stonehenge"  are
        >one of many highlights.  Dream Worker on the Night of the Hawks
vid, and of
        >course Paradox, and the almighty D-rider from HotMG.
>  > All of HHL's guitar work on Levitation rules.
>   >But, the moment that I discovered HW was when I heard the intro
> riff to
        >Brainstorm, off Doremi , and this perhaps is the highlight of

>    >Troy
>  >Oh yeah, and I think Nik's live versions of some of the stuff are
        >highlights of my life.

        I totally agree with the 'Levitation/Circles' on 'Do not panic',
I think that this album contains the best versions of these tracks that
I have heard.  The power of them is awesome, I only wish that I'd been
there to experience it in person.

        Getting back on track, another one of my favourite moments was
the tracks they did for the 'Travellers Aid Trust' album, I cant
remember the titles at the moment ( one of them might have been 'Blue
Dreamer' ), but I do remember that one of them contained the sounds of
police helicopters with the usual 'If you do not leave the area you will
be arrested'  spiel which enhanced the track no end. I'll have to dig it
out, but I've only got it on vinyl and I don't have a record player at
the moment.....


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