HW: Your captain is dead...

Mon Feb 9 05:48:14 EST 1998

> originally it was Lemmy on vocals, but Calvert's were added later for the
> single...
> the original Lemmy version is on..i believe Greasy Truckers?
> havent listened to that one for a few years

I hate to differ here, but Silver machine was recorded live at the Roundhouse
in Chalk Farm, London Feb(?) 1972. (Need to look at the single for the actual
date.) The gig was recorded, and the tracks that have been released from it so
far are:

Born to Go              (Greasy Truckers/Weird 106 Cassette)
Master of the Universe  (Greasy Truckers/Weird 106 Cassette)
Jam (Same riff as "The Reason Is")      (Weird 106 Cassette)
Silver Machine          (Glastonbury Fayre)
Welcome to the Future   (Glastonbury Fayre)

These are the principal releases, and probably have been released elsewhere
etc. Bob was on vocals for "Born to Go", "Silver Machine", and "Welcome to the
Future", and as we all know, SM was reworked in the studio, putting on Dave's
lead guitar and replacing Bob's Lyric with Lemmy's.  Interesting though, Bob
handles all the vocals on the  ORIGINAL 7 by 7 B-side, but even though he was
on the Space Ritual tour, he didn't do the live vocals. (Or DID he do the live
vocals, which were then replaced by Dave's in the studio? - the cover did say
that there were some overdubs!) Further releases of 7 by 7 had the live
version, with Dave on the main vocal. There may have been yet another version

And there's another thing! The original end bit that linked Brainstorm and 7 by
7 was removed from the original LP, as it was the change from side 3 to side 4,
but it can still be heard on space Ritual vol 2! It should have found its way
onto the re-mastered CD - shame really 'cos it's a classic HW'72 riff!

I must admit, I enjoyed 7 by 7 on thr Teepee tour very much indeed. I heard a
rumour that the track was played in some of the summer 1985 gigs - is this true

Rambled on for far too long.

Best wishes to all on BOC-L


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