OFF: Ozric Tentacles

Horse Whisperer beautiful_foot at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Feb 20 14:25:59 EST 1998

>It's funny you should mention the tentacles.. someone once told me that
>sounded a bit like HW ("the british hawkwind" were the exact words),
Who said this?  Slap them!  Hawkwind ARE British!  Flip sake!

>so i
>decided to check them out (I got jurassic shift), only to discover
>not much like HW at all (disappointingly).

Stylistically, they're miles apart, but in terms of sheer spaciness,
they're pretty 'Windy.  Jurassic Shift was the first OT LP I picked up,
just after I heard Space Bandits (which was just after I'd got
Levitation, which was just after I'd thought I'd died and gone to heaven
after listening to Space Ritual), and my first thoughts were of a
seventies-feel Hawkwind with nineties technology and techniques.
But after that, I realized HW were just one of a big list of influences
on OT.

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