BOC: Going On's

Ted Jackson jr. 6L6 tojackso at LIBRARY.SYR.EDU
Tue Feb 24 12:23:19 EST 1998

> From:          bart <bart at AEOLIANS.BT.CO.UK>

> >
> > Random stuff...Chris DiGarmo is gone from Queensryche?  Horrors!
> Yeah, what's the deal there ? Being replaced by Nuno Bettencourt ? Might as
> well kiss that band goodbye, if you haven't already :-)

No shit?  Man, that dog don't hunt!  Goes to show you anyone can sell
out.  When Extreme was in their moment in the sun, Nuno always used
to wax so philosophical about principles etc.  But then Extreme
breaks up, his solo record tanks, and voila, Queensryche!  I predict
a zero percent probability that this will be fruitful...

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