Hawkwind and the fans!

John A Swartz jswartz at MBUNIX.MITRE.ORG
Mon Jan 5 09:49:28 EST 1998

>> sure (no offense) BOC's drumming isn't any more proficient than his,

>Pretty strong statement considering BOC's drummer can dust just about
anyone in the business.  Listen to the first 3 BOC albums, and you'll
realize the absurdity of such a statement!

While I strongly agree with Theo on the talents of BOC's original drummer
(and no, I'm not trying to be a bootlicker just 'cuz he's a listmember),
let's not get into a BOC vs Hawkwind debate on BOC-L.  We here on BOC-L
pride ourselves on being rational and respective of other bands -- even
if sometimes people not on BOC-L (or not on BOC-L anymore) perceive us.
There's been a somewhat heated discussion about BOC-L on the newsgroup,
"alt.music.blueoystercult", and I'm trying to correct some misinterpretations
of BOC-L and its members.


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