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Well, Richard Pinhas (AKA Heldon) has used a couple of SciFi titles for a
few of his compositions, but they have all been instrumentals, so this
probably doesn't count. He did have Norman Spinrad "sing" on "Houston 69"
off of EAST-WEST (man. I just thought of a new "Golden Throats" idea,
singin' sci-fi authors!!! I can just imagine a duet between Spinrad and
Moorcock! I think I may need therapy....)

obInTheMailToday: My Kinesis order!! Two Fonyas, two Jeremeys and an Eric
Norlander; keyboard heaven!!

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>BREVARD, Adrian R. writes:
>> There in lies the rub.  How many great books have been sucessfully
>> translated into movies?  I'm hard pressed to think of many.  The rule
>But dragging the subject desperately into some state of ontopicness
>how many bands apart from Hawkwind have used science fiction (and I mean
>Science Fiction not fantasy) to create song lyrics?
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