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Jon Browne jon at COMICS.DEMON.CO.UK
Fri Jan 9 05:02:03 EST 1998

In article <01bd1c74$c125b5a0$3d82d681 at>, Craig
Shipley <craigs at PYRAMID.COM> writes
>>But dragging the subject desperately into some state of ontopicness
>>how many bands apart from Hawkwind have used science fiction (and I mean
>>Science Fiction not fantasy) to create song lyrics?

Jill's post didn't reach me but as it was quoted........Hmmm, excellant
question..David Bowie's Diamond Dogs, if not Space Oddity, Spiders from
Mars, Ashes To Ashes etc. early Devo...anyone ever into Bill Nelson's
Red Noise? "Build a Better Home In The Phantom Zone" or "Substitute
Flesh" How about early Cabaret Voltaire, would that count as SF? or
Punilux? Rezillo's Destination Venus? Flying Saucer Attack? (the song
not the band) God, there were loads of Futurist bands at the end of the
'70's, weren't there? Why can't I remember them now? ah, how about Alien
Sex Fiend - "Ride My Rocket (Up Uranus, Baby)" Even The Stranglers had
their Sci-Fi moments with stuff like "Rise Of The Robots". Oh bother,
work to do. laters.

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