BRAIN, BOC: My review of *Malpractise*

Carl E. Anderson cea20 at CUS.CAM.AC.UK
Fri Jan 16 10:20:46 EST 1998

On fre 16 jan 1998 09.49 -0500 "Stephen Lindsey" <stephen at SPATIALWARE.COM>
> Now Carl, I would have thought you'd been at Cambridge long enough now
to know
> that the words Oxford and "hot-shit" should never ever be used in the
> sentence ;-)  (although a portion of the phrase is quite alright)

     Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa ;)

out in the fens,

Carl Edlund Anderson
Dept. of Anglo-Saxon, Norse, & Celtic
St. John's College, University of Cambridge
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