HW : well HUW / Widowmaker

sprawl sprawl at BLACKBOARD.COM
Wed Jan 21 13:37:05 EST 1998

John McIntyre wrote:

> well, he's pictured on the front cover but not on the back.  My guess is he
> left during the recording of the album.  When that happens, frequently the
> deserter's (-8 contributions are buried in the mix if not replaced
> entirely, which would account for not being able to distinguish Huw's
> playing.  It is a very unmemorable album: "for completists only".  Although
> I do remember a fondness for one slow song; I think the title was "Pin A
> Rose On Me" or some such.

yeah that's it.  i heard a song from the more recent group poison that had a similar
sound.i kinda remember the album as a whole as being sorta     bad
meets-poison.  yeah, yeah. that's it.


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