HW: Huw/Widowmaker/etc.

M Holmes fofp at HOLYROOD.ED.AC.UK
Thu Jan 22 06:26:38 EST 1998

LN1GJT writes:

> Changing the subject completely, the tracks that were credited as
> being from an undisclosed 1989 gig on the 'Undisclosed Files' LP and
> CD were actually from the Hammersmith Odeon gig, 8th Dec 1988.  (Huw's
> penultimate performance with HW before quitting.) The first two tracks
> of the concert are only on the LP version (Masters of the Universe &
> Coded Languages) and then the CD takes the tracks from there up to the
> end of Angels of Death.  (The LP version fades out in the middle of
> Angels)

Yep, I think when I looked at this for the Codex I concluded that the
tracks were from 84 and 88 with odds on it being one of the Hammersmith
gigs in 88.

> Guy Thomas


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