(A little) OFF: My 'State of the Art'

Ted Jackson jr. 6L6 tojackso at LIBRARY.SYR.EDU
Tue Jan 27 12:13:38 EST 1998

> >(regarding BOC)
> >I also would like to see a new lp by them, but I donx't expect that much. I
> think they have probably lost the motivation to do much new, that is why
> they have not put out a new lp in 10 years.  They could easily have found
> someone to put it out for them.
Having heard a few of the 'new' tunes live, I can tell you that they
are high quality material.  I'd say Harvest Moon compares favorably
with anything post-ST.  The reasons for lack of new material [and new
discs] are varied.  Most bands generally work on some kind of advance
from a record company.  But record labels don't wnat to spend big
bucks on acts that either they or the public might perceive as 'over
the hill' or 'not currently popular.'  Remember, the last time BOC
had a record contract, they were one of the biggest acts in the
world.  Trouble is, you youngsters have olny known BOC as a wheezer
band.  It wasn't always the case.  To make a record nowadays, they
have to take time away from touring--any band's main source of
income, and BOC's only source!  Making a record is a huge crapshoot.
It wouldn't surprise me if BOC doesn't have to pay back CMC for any
expenses incurred in making the record [maybe not, I'm not sure]
So, in making a record, BOC could lose more than they make, given the
absense of bonuses etc.  I doubt it's due to a dearth of ideas.
Remember too, that the Bouchard brothers could be counted upon in the
past to bring new material to the band.  Now, BD is BOC's only real
songwriting threat, and how many songs do you want him to come up
with?  Now the band has, more than ever, to rely on outside writers
to help, which means fewer composer royalties down the road.  Maybe
fear of failure and fear of the unknown figure in the equation as

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