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At 16:13 27/01/98 EDT, Ted Jackson jr. 6L6 wrote:
>> From:          John A Swartz <jswartz at MBUNIX.MITRE.ORG>
>> Now Theo, I thought you knew better...
>> The arguments about "no new material" hold little water in my book.
>> BOC has had an album's worth of material for years now.  Half the
>> songs on the new album were played in concert between '92 and '95.
>> Hey, I'm a huge fan, and I'll devour the new release when it's here,
>> but I won't sit here and say I think it's o.k. that it took BOC so
>> many years to get this deal done.  The band's popularity has
>> dwindled, and their inactivity album-wise is only hurting them.  I
>This is all true.  But really, what do BOC have to gain by a new
>album?  Do any of us think that the new album will propel them to
>playing bigger gigs?  And, I'd suggest that the same arguments I put
>forth would have held true five years ago.  I think, regretably, that
>the damage had already been done.  The time for a new record would
>have been right after CN or Imaginos.  And whether 5 years ago or
>now, isn't BD still the songwriting source for the band?

 Hey ERic can write ditties when he wants to...as can A.L..........remember
such numbers as "Veteran" and "Feel the Thunder"?  Not to mention some
others too...give them a break!  Have some faith in old people.....


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