BOC: Dissin' Diz Busters?

Nick English nick at THECAMPUS.COM
Fri Sep 11 00:18:21 EDT 1998

> You did, of course, send off the 50 cents for the nice
> green and white striped computer printout (all caps) of
> the lyrics, right?  They weren't perfect, but helped
> a lot...

Actually no...All my BOC was on cassette, and for whatever reason, I
don't recall ever seeing that offer on any of the tapes. It wasn't
until many years later when I picked up some vinyl copies just for
the hell of it, and by then I assumed it was too late. Same for
ETL...I got the LP many years later. Until I saw it in a used record
store, I never knew it had the lyrics.

And of course, like many of those 70s/early 80s CBS offerings, I had
to buy several copies of the tape over a span of about 10 years.

--  Nick

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