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Steve Pond Steve at DOREMI.DEMON.CO.UK
Sat Sep 12 11:54:16 EDT 1998

On Sat, 12 Sep 1998 00:42:18 +0100, you sent through the ether:

>BTW any UK list members see the BBC Rock Family Tree on Sabbath tonight?
>what did you think if ya did?

Total gloss job..  the demise of the late Sabbath was far gorier than
they showed, didn`t they have a roadie on vocals for one album?

What about Tony Iommi`s chopped off finger? I would have thought a
guitarist with 9 fingers & a thimble was worth a mention..

The Sabbath story is being forced into some kind of "real life Spinal
Tap". I didn`t like the way the actual music was ignored except for 2
minutes on the 1st album. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath is a very accomplished
album, not least Bill Wards drumming which if you listen wouldn`t be out
of place on a Stax record.

I`d love to see Rock Family Trees attempt Hawkwind.. it would have to be
a 6 parter.. :)

I think RFT should get back to the Fleetwood Macs of this world,
something the yuppie producers can`t mess up.


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