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Bolts of Ungodly Vision js3619 at WIZVAX.NET
Mon Sep 14 21:38:11 EDT 1998

Hey gang,
        Yes, "Bolts" is back for the attack (??) on the merry mailing list for
some time to come. 1st 4 postings  I got were waxing poetic about BOC
lyrics/Subhuman/Buck's playability so I'll start from there.

1.  Theres a good editorial by Micahel Greenberg about BOCness in one of
the early issues of Addicted to Noise.   You can get to it at and go thru the search engine for the band (BOC, not the
Band :)).  Its a good homage written around the time of _WotT_ compilation
which I am very glad I overlooked.  The cover for one just wasnt up to par
with legit BOC releases--especially if it was suppposed to be a REAL "Best
of"  But enough of that.

2.  The deliberate non blues sound of the BOC guitar history in general
(save for the blues songs like "LDoM," "Divine Wind," etc.) made it much
more effective in establishing the Metal sound of the formative years in
the 70's--that combination nonhuman vibe taken from the psychadelic era +
LOUD aggression that rock n' roll is known for (think Little Richard, the
hammering organ solo in "house of the rising sun" etc.)+ really really
nontypical words demanded an equally nontypical musical structure for them
to sound less unusual. Ya dig ?

4.  As for Buck especially on HF, I think hes now more a rock guy in the
constraints of 60s pop influences, but when the pop knows to give way, it
runs for a far away place.

5.  the Surgeons summer tour was interesting. Cuaght the end and beginning
in Ithaca and Rochester. It was dipping toes into unfamiliar, but well
charted waters plus an enthusiastic postcard from the frontlines of band
cohesion/morale. Dont fight the future just fight your epectations for it.
They ruin all new things on the horizon.

Kick out the Jams Sap Suckers!!!

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