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Tue Sep 15 07:35:29 EDT 1998

> From:          Bolts of Ungodly Vision <js3619 at WIZVAX.NET>

> Hey gang,
>         Yes, "Bolts" is back for the attack (??) on the merry mailing list for
> some time to come. 1st 4 postings  I got were waxing poetic about BOC
> lyrics/Subhuman/Buck's playability so I'll start from there.
Welcome back!  About time you got back online...

> 2.  The deliberate non blues sound of the BOC guitar history in general

Agreed that BD is strictly non-blues, but if you climb back down the
metal family tree to Tony Iommi, you'll note that Tony's very much
blues based.  And he likely got it from the godfather of metal, Jeff
Beck, who, in the old days, was very bluesy.  Branch that over to
Jimmy Page, and you can see another proto-metaler who's got a foot
[or both] in the blues...

> (save for the blues songs like "LDoM," "Divine Wind," etc.) made it much

But neither song utilizes a blues scale in the lead parts...

> more effective in establishing the Metal sound of the formative years in
> the 70's--that combination nonhuman vibe taken from the psychadelic era +
> LOUD aggression that rock n' roll is known for (think Little Richard, the
> hammering organ solo in "house of the rising sun" etc.)+ really really
> nontypical words demanded an equally nontypical musical structure for them
> to sound less unusual. Ya dig ?
Oh, yeah, daddy-o, you're spot on with that part...


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