OFF: UFO, Molly Hatchet

Nick English nick at THECAMPUS.COM
Tue Sep 15 00:33:34 EDT 1998

Just a quick update here on two recent releases from my new favorite
record company, CMC International:

Molly Hatchet: "Silent Reign of Heroes" -- Very boring and formulaic.
It's pretty much a retread of their first CMC release, "Devil's
Canyon". If you liked that one, you might like this one, although I
did like "Canyon" and found "Reign" to be very repetitive. You know
you're in trouble when the high point of the disc is a remake. They
do an acoustic version of "Fall of the Peacemakers" complete with
some orchestra. It's actually an incredible track, but to me it's one
of only a couple that are any good. "Dead and Gone (The Redneck
Song)" is pretty decent, too, and funny. Perhaps a little too dark's about shooting your girlfriend so you can be free...?

UFO: "Walk on Water" -- Pretty much at the other end of the spectrum.
Really wild...great stuff. "Venus" kicks some serious ass, as do the
majority of the tracks. And there's decent new versions of "Doctor,
Doctor" and "Lights Out". Worth it.

Anxiously awaiting quitting time so I can pick up the new Heep!

--  Nick

"Nobody knows the trouble I've seen.
But it can be arranged."

                         --  Lemmy

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