BRAIN: Operation Luv a deadringer for another tune?

brian halligan brianh at PULLEYN.COM
Tue Sep 15 16:10:32 EDT 1998

I was wasting some time today browsing through the All-Music Guide
( when I decided to check out if they had a
listing for Joe Bouchard's old band Deadringer.  On the album
Electrocution of the Heart it says there's a tune called When You're In
You're In.   Is this the same as Operation Luv (the former's title being
in the chorus of the latter)?  Or did it inspire that particular line in
Operation Luv?

Also, Electrocution of the Heart has a version of Love's a Killer, which
is on the X-Brothers CD.  And it looks like the artist who did the cover
art for EotH also did the cover art for Solid Citizens.

Trying to occupy myself until Jan. 1999,

Brian Halligan
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