BOC: Birdman again

Ted Jackson jr. s2h2 tojackso at LIBRARY.SYR.EDU
Wed Sep 16 08:56:10 EDT 1998

> From:          John A Swartz <jswartz at MBUNIX.MITRE.ORG>

> > Speaking of covers of BOC, has anybody heard the version of Dominance and
> > Submission Mike Watt did on some single from Ball Hog or Tug
> > Boat, if so how
> > does it sound?
> Well, it is NOT on the Ball Hog or Tugboat album, but was a b-side to a
> few singles from that album.  If you can find it - GET IT!!!  This is an
> EXCELLENT version of D&S, and the Bouchard's figure prominently in it -
> Albert handles the lead vocals (updated a bit - "It's been 18 years, half
> my life.", and "Looking at me greedily, said it's 1994"), along with
> drums and some guitar.  Joe plays keyboards (hard to imagine keys in
> D&S, but it works!).

But in the old days, when they did D&S live, Allen used to tear it up
on keys during the Dominance....Submission vocal tradeoff.  He used a
building, heavyweight organ riff to propel things along to the guitar


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