HW: Aliens (was Re: Ledge of Darkness????)

Cliff and Pam Wheaton cwheaton at TRANSWESTTAXI.COM
Tue Sep 22 03:16:49 EDT 1998

J Strobridge wrote:

> If you could get a definite list this would be interesting  - also, if
> you see it, a brief description of the sleeve and a note of the label.
> It *does* sound rather like the AreaS4 ep but different from the digipak
> and I wonder if it was perhaps issued in the States under a different
> name with a different tracklist.

It may have been-I dunno on that one:)

> In fact on reflection, would it be possible for you to get hold of a
> copy for me next time you see it?   I shall gladly reimburse whatever
> costs are incurred!

Unfortunately-I only saw it on their "Special Order" listing. Most the time, I
have to order the stuff, then wait next to forever to get it:(  I ordered "Fugazi"
(Marillion) 3 weeks ago or better, as well as Twelfth Nights "Live at the Target"
about 2 months ago(no sign). The Ozric I ordered  at the same time as the
Marillion came in 2 weeks ago-go figure.Now, If you'd be able to find me a copy of
Alien 4 and maybe "Distant Horizons" at a  better price than $35.00 US
(ouch).....I shall happily do the same:)  I could order the "aliens", but god
knows how long that could take. :)
Rock on!

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