OFF: Tony Levin

Laj Waldner erebus7 at DLCWEST.COM
Wed Sep 23 17:37:10 EDT 1998

John A Swartz wrote:

> All this talk about Tony Levin reminds me of another of my favorite artists:
> Barbara Kessler.  She's a folksinger (you heard that right) from the Boston
> area, and she's got one of the most amazing voices I've every heard.
> Anyway, Tony plays on a few tracks of her 1996 release, "notion".  If
> you get a chance to hear this CD, go for it (ya gotta wander over to the
> folk music section of your CD store though).  Tony's bassplaying on her
> album is quite good, but the CD sticks out not for his playing, but for
> Barbara's voice.
> John

  Another remarkable woman in the voice department would have to be Natalie
Merchant of 10'000 Maniacs fame.

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