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On Tue, 29 Sep 1998, BREVARD, Adrian R. wrote:

=> Paul and others, thanks for the background on MM.  I really like the two
=> I have (Dopes/Powertrip).  Hmmm Hawkwind fans are they?  Must be comic
=> book fans too.  Heard references on Powertrip to Modok, assume this is
=> the floating head that Iron man did battle with.  Also the track from
=> Dopes, "Ego, the Living Planet".
=> Again many thanks...
=> Wonder if we could get tBS to do a cover of "Bummer", "19 Witches", or
=> "See You in Hell"

And, if they covered "Bummer," I'm sure they'd get a lot more Hawkwind
fans turning up, too, since it's a dead ringer for "Time We Left This
World Today" (at least at the start)... :-)

=> Oh, BTW the insert of Powertrip says "Monster Magnet welcomes aboard
=> Phil Caviano: Guitar.

He was with them when I saw them in late July in Roanoke.  If you can
catch these guys live, DO SO!  They put on a hell of a show.

I think they're currently supporting Aerosmith on their tour right now.

BTW, Monster Magnet are Pollstar's "Hotstar of the Week" right now.



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