BOC: Binghamton Gig

Ted Jackson jr. s2h2 tojackso at LIBRARY.SYR.EDU
Wed Sep 30 07:57:29 EDT 1998

> From:          Torgo Sedler <drtorgo at HOTMAIL.COM>
> Theo said....
> >I see that BOC is playing 10 Oct at Strikezone in Binghamton.  Anyone
> >going?  Torgo, you gave me some good directions to the place last
> >time.  Could you re-post them please?
> I would like to check out this show myself, as there is now way in hell
> I can swing the Rochester Gig. I think I remember how to get to the
> strikezone, although it's a bit foggy tonight as I have never actually
> been in the place and might be thinking of a different place. Let me see
> what I can come up with for directions and I'll get back to you. I will
> be in Binghamton the Tuesday before the gig at an NHL preseason game
> between Florida and Buffalo (WOO HOO!!), and I'll see if I can remember
> where the hell this place is and find it that night. More than likely I
> will be at this show.
RElax, oh visitor from the East.  I have your own directions on file
from last time.  They were just in a different file than I usually
keep them in:

The place is called "The Strike Zone" and is on court Street. Court
street also happens to be US 11, so if you are coming into Binghamton
via 81 (probably), just look for the US 11 exit and stay on it through
downtown Binghamton. You can't miss the place. I have no idea what
time BOC goes on or any other show details.

and in another post:

I know Court street pretty well, just not sure WHERE exactly Strike
zone is on it. The best way to get there is off 81 (I assume) and get
off the US 11- FRont Street exit (south). Stay on Us 11, it will go
over a bridge (after a LEFT turn) and you are then on the beginning of
Court Street in Binghamton. I might be in Bing this weekend and if I
do I'll scope it out. I'll keep you posted if I find anything.

Dang, these computers are good for something!

Hope to see you there Torgo...


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