HW: Tim Blake - opinions please

Andy Gilham Andy.Gilham at BTINTERNET.COM
Wed Sep 30 14:44:52 EDT 1998

> I've just got my dealer update and there's three Tim Blake albums
> back on -
> Blake's New Jerusalem, Crystal Machine and Magick.
> Now I've never heard anything from any of these.  Should I spend some hard
> earned pennies?

I have the first two of these, vinyl I've had for ages.  I haven't listened
to _Crystal Machine_ for yonks, but I recall being disappointed with it...
_New Jerusalem_ is a much more distinctive and interesting piece, and I play
it from time for time when I'm in the mood for a hippy chill-out.  The title
track is a side long, with lyrics about pyramids, Stonehenge and ley lines,
"with love from you to me", synths going "blip", you get the picture.  (Some
might say "poor man's Rick Wakeman", but that would be harsh.)
"Lighthouse", on _Live 1979_, is a heavied-up version of another track from

Give _NJ_ a go if you liked "Lighthouse", I guess.

- Andy

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