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>Hej Folks...
>As I said earlier, I'd be coming to you for help on starting my efforts
>towards a Scandinavian space/psych/electronic/ambient artist map.
>So, mainly what I need is geographical assistance (like, where are they all
>from?), but would of course accept suggestions for other artists to consider.
There are three bands that I remember from the (very) dim, dark, distant
past (70-73)with Scandinavian connections: Burnin' Red Ivanhoe, Wigwam &
Tasavallan Presidentii (sp?).  There's the inevitable problem with
"classification" & whether they are "prog" or "psych" or "fusion", but BRI
(Denmark, I think) are a cert (IMHO), their freak credentials enhanced by
having recorded for John Peel's "Dandelion" label.  I actually  have a copy
of their (2nd?) album "W.W.W." (I think that mighht have had a CD re-issue
recently).  Wigwam may be too far on the prog/fusion side of the equation,
but may be worth checking out - can't remember where they were from, but
I'm pretty sure they were mostly Scandinavians with 1 or 2 North Americans
in the band. TP were definitely from Finland, and I think were pretty
spacy, recorded at least two albums (for RCA, I think) one called "Milky
Way Moses" which I nearly bought recently in a second-hand shop in Hull but
decided it was on the wrong side of the price/condition equation.

>Here are some other artists that I'm familiar with (their names at least,
>not necessarily the music), but my feeling is that they're mostly 'too prog'
>to be included.  Feel free to perception of those I don't
>know firsthand may be wrong.
>Bo Hanssen
Good (originally jazz) keyboard player. His "Lord of the Rings" was quite a
good (if whimsical) attempt at relevant mood music.  "The Magician's Hat"
which came after was perhaps more musically interesting.  He disappeared
from UK musical horizons thereafter ('74-ish), but a couple of months ago I
saw a more recent album by him which looked as if it was in the "New Age"

>Jonas Hellborg

Monster jazz-rock bass player - apparently v.good in the latterday
Mahavishnu Orchestra, but I walked out on his duet with a drummer at the
Brackenll Jazz Festival (the drummer later turned out to have been Ginger
Baker (!) though I didn't recognize hime at the time).

Hope my inane ramblings are of some use.

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