BOC: Greatest Riff

Don Farmer farmer at ALLENCC.NET
Thu Dec 16 04:32:18 EST 1999

> Hmm...I sense a poll coming - what do you think are the greatest
>BOC riffs?  We can include the various off-shoots as well (tBS,
>X-Bros, Red&Black, SWU, SFG).

Hey, I'm game.  This is the kind of stuff I've been waiting for.
Here goes my picks:  ( not in any order )

-The Vigil
-E.T.I. ( from Some Enchanted Evening )
-Heavy Metal: The Black and Silver
-Divine Wind
-Don't Fear the Reaper
-I Ain't Got You ( from On Your Feet or On Your Knees )
-Buck's Boogie

Do live ones count?

Coming out of lurkdom,
Don Farmer.

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