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Maybe list members should write some new material for them then!

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>I think you've summed up very effectively the situation in which Hawkwind
>find themselves.  Of course I have no personal knowledge of the financial
>situation in the Hawkwind camp, but I am guessing that like most aging
>musicians of the non-mainstream variety, Brock and the rest do not have the
>more financially secure retirement income that a typical worker has.  Many
>musicians wind up digging themselves into a hole which requires them to be
>constantly scrambling to make ends meet, and I can only imagine the
>situation as Hawkwind gets older and expenses become higher while interest
>in the band gets ever smaller.  Probably the "raw skills" factor in
>Hawkwind has never been at a weaker point than it is right now... of course
>Brock is Brock (our genius in residence), and Richard is probably the
>strongest drummer they've ever had, but Ron as a bass player, although
>passable, leaves something to be desired after all those years with
>virtuosos Alan and Lemmy.  Captain Rizz, in my opinion, adds nothing fresh
>or interesting to the band...rather, sadly, I consider him a nuisance I
>hope will go away promptly!  Jerry Richards is a good guitar playing but,
>let's be honest, he's no Huw-Lloyd Langton....either in aesthetic style or
>in technique.  The Hawks have a lot of weak areas right now....their
>musical direction seems unfocused, unclear, and although I think Dave and

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