OFF: GONG in LA, 6/2/99

Fri Jun 4 22:53:43 EDT 1999

Doug Pearson <ceres at SIRIUS.COM> wrote:

>.  There's more of the
>sweeping-the-knife-up-and-down-the-fretboard technique in Brock's glissando
>playing - that can be heard in more places on many Hawkwind live (and
>studio) recordings.

come to think of it (and my mind may be playing tricks on me right now cos Gong
appeared on the same pprog) but didn't Dave use the guitar-knife-glissando
machine on the live TV prog appearnce they made a few years back (w/Harvey,
Bridget, Alan, Simon House, et al)?

As far as the motorhead query goes, i'm with Larry on the vocal side of things
but Doug's synth noise archaeology has also got me pretty convinced. So,
somewhere between the two is the rythym section plus the later twiddly bits plus
dave throwin down the vocals in one take to show that he could be just as speedy
as lemmy (maybe a pang of guilt over the coke/speed sacking incident). There's
also the curious byline on Independent Days of 'the way it should have been'....



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