Keith Henderson henderson.120 at OSU.EDU
Mon Jun 21 11:01:02 EDT 1999

Joe asked...

>So where is this Strage Daze gig anyway?

It's the three-day space rock festival in Northeast Ohio, on Aug. 20-22 this
year.  Worth a long trip, I'd say.  (Looks like Carl is coming from England
this time!  Or are you finishing up over there?)  Check out for info/directions/lineups.

>I don't suppose it's on the west coast.. (Nothing really hip ever is anymore..)

Huh???  Last month, just about the greatest damn festival ever was held in
San Francisco.  I know, because I was there (I live in Ohio).  Gong, Magma,
and Porcupine Tree for starters!  This was set up by the people at Pangea
Music (Shawn Ahearn et al.) who were (sort of) in charge of the entire US
tour promotion for these three bands.  And I know that when Dave Brock went
out to California this spring (to see Lemmy and all), Jim Lascko (of Strange
Trips, as above) went out with Dave and met with Shawn about the (hopefully)
upcoming Hawkwind tour, and also the possibility of starting some sort of
'Strange Daze West' that Shawn would promote.  So perhaps next year?

Keith H. (FAA)

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