HW: Hawkwind in New Zealand

Andrew Apold mordru at FLITE.NET
Wed Jan 5 20:18:46 EST 2000

At 07:40 PM 1/5/2000 -0500, flossbac wrote:
>     And with Harvey and Simon House no less!!! So, Kris, what are the
>chances of a US tour coming through the Chicago area sometime this  year?

Hey, they hit Chicago only a few years ago!

Hawkwind has never played closer than 1000 miles to a location I was living
in....    (earlier central america, now that hotbed of spacerock*, south
Florida.....  My arguments that Opa-Locka, FL, would be a logical place for
the hawks to play has never achieved anything....)

*well, captain cloud lives nearby...

At least BÖC passes through here every other winter or so...

"To dwell within Samsara, however, is to
 be subject to the works of those mighty
 among dreamers."

 - Mahasamatman, in Zelazny's "Lord of Light"

Andrew Apold

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