HW: Shameless Self Promotion

Stephan Spiegel spiegel at INTPLSRV.NET
Sun Jan 16 00:20:51 EST 2000

>Just in case anyone is looking to buy CDs, my Hawkwind Shop is
>now on-line.

(Hawkwind CD Search Engine)
Everything at Hawkman Music is in stock

>Go to: http://www.stuarthamilton.co.uk and click on the Hawkwind

>Your shamefacedly trying to earn a living.

Problem with on-line stores is, you don't know what's in stock and
what's not.  Like the last Griffin Catalog I got last week.  Half the
titles in the catalog are out of print.  But they JUST PRINTED the
catalog ! !

Let me let you-all in on a little secret - - Your not gonna find any
of the One Way stuff.  Or half the stuff listed in the Amazon.com
catalog.  So you can look endlessly, or go to Hawkman Music
and get it today.

Still the Best....  Hawkman


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