HW: Cameras and thoughts

Andy Gilham Andy.Gilham at BTINTERNET.COM
Tue Sep 5 07:08:37 EDT 2000

> Anyway, my memory of the event will probably fade with
> age so anybody who gets either of the above items into
> the gig can expect at least one request for copies.
> I wonder what the chances are of the band/s enforcing some
> restrictions with a view to getting releasable material from
> the event though ? After all, when is this gonna happen again ?

Well, as I understand it, negotiations are taking place to record and video
(and possibly even webcast!) the show officially.  The main impediment is
that for any sort of agreement you need about twenty signatures, and
everybody's share of the take has to be negotiated - if it was a regularly
gigging lineup with a single management, it would be a lot easier, but the
nature of the beast makes it a bit of a hassle.  But I'm sure they'll sort
it all out, they'd be daft not to!

-- Andy

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