BOC: Imaginos

Nick English nick at NETPHD.NET
Tue Sep 19 09:23:07 EDT 2000

> I saw the marks ON YOUR hands - I saw the blood on
your coffee cup"
> I've seen some fans interpret the husband to be a
very sinister person -
> abusing his wife by only injuring her on the hands -
a sort of torture
> if you will.

Personally, I've always believed this to be a subtle
improvement on Eric's part.  See, a woman who is trying
to hide abuse and lie about it to protect her husband --
 or in many cases herself -- will try to cover up all
remnants of said abuse -- turtlenecks, long sleeves,
sunglasses, cover makeup, etc.

However, two places that would be difficult to cover
would be the hands and the inside of the mouth.  While
having a drink, it would seem that a cut inside her
mouth left some blood on her cup.  And as for the
hands, you can't very well go around wearing mittens
everywhere. . . and cover makeup would surely rub off
given the fact that we're constantly using our hands.

Much more subtle and intelligent. . . and less clunky
than the Shirley version, if you ask me.  Who in the
world says things like, "I saw the marks of his
hands"???  Then again, I doubt I'll get any replies
defending a Shirley lyric.   :)


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