HW: Space Ritual 8 Track Cartridge

mike c deltawave at METRONET.COM
Thu May 3 07:46:26 EDT 2001

 Mike Holmes writes:

mike c writes:

  I ACTUALLY HAVE a Space Ritual 8-track.....

 so does a friend in Germany....

 I'll trade it for the French Hassan 45, if you toss in a couple Hawkfrendz..

I have the Live Legends video on one of those LP sized laserdiscs.

Does that get me into the Defunct Formats Club?
Only if you take your "cyberspace conspiracy" LP and stick it in that
sleeve as I have done, and make a frisbee out of the laser disc.......

but seriously,,,,you own the club, and it's not defunt......you know why
you do too......

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