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K Henderson henderson.120 at OSU.EDU
Fri May 4 23:22:07 EDT 2001

Rus asked...

>I have the urge to expand my meager supply of spacerock.  This sale sounds
>like a pretty good deal, but there are so many choices.  What should I buy?
>Looks like my interestes tend to the lighter/humourous side such as
>King Crimson, Hawkwind's Hall/Grill, Sonic Attack, and Masques (among others)
>Devo (sorry), Tangerine Dream, Darkest of the Hillside Thickets,
>and Porcupine Tree
>the heaviest is BOC and Monster Magnet.
>Any advice in that muddled synopsis?

Well, I just put in an order myself (the new Brainstorm, MandraGora
Lightshow Society, and Liquid Visions), but I just went back and looked
through it again to see what I might consider the most desirable (assuming I
had nothing).

All kinds of great stuff...

Well, you can always fill in a few Porcupine Tree spots (if you don't have
them already), like Coma Divine is very nice (live), and Signify is my
favorite of theirs.  And if you like hypnotic krautrock stuff (Neu!), then
you might like the instrumental PT offshoot Incredible Expanding Mindfuck.
I do.

For Ozric-y stuff, there's many to choose from.  Richard's got some Ozrics
themselves of course, but then there's the awesome Texas band Liquid Sound
Company (this is a must have!).  Mr. Quimby's Beard is another you shouldn't
miss.  And the German 90s band Zone Six' S/T CD is very nice.  A couple
Delerium label bands are worth checking out.  Kava Kava is the 'fun' sort of
psychedelia you might like...very funky rhythms and a good singer.  You Can
Live Here is the one to get IMHO.  Italy's Kryptasthesie (Inner Whirl) is
another typically good Delerium band.  Singer has an unusual accented voice
that not everyone will probably like, but I do.

If you are familiar with the instrumental space-jazz of Alien Planetscapes
(and enjoy it) then you should be blown away by the amazing Heru Avenger
("New Aeon")...blazing 'space-jazz' guitar/pseudo-jazz-psych-fusion.  And of
course, you can't IMHO go without hearing Finland's Circle!  Repetitive yes,
boring no!
Andexelt, Prospekt, Hissi - try any of these.  Amazing band.  Hissi probably
has the most vocals...the others are mainly instrumental IIRC.  And none of
this I'd characterize as 'light'...pretty moody and dark.  That shouldn't
discourage you though.  :)

Frankfurt's S/T is amazing also.  The lead singer is a goofball, and I
imagine you might really like them.  "The Difficult Second Album" features
the track "Departure" which out-Hawkwinds Hawkwind IMHO.  Blasphemy!

Lightshine's Feeling is on the Garden of Delights label (old Krautrock
gems), whom I 'work' for - so I'm partial, but it's fabulous and he's got it
for a great price.  (We have it too at

Richard's also got the first Primordial Undermind CD (the one on September
Gurls I think, right Doug?), and even though Doug's not on it, it's my
favorite.  :)  I imagine that it's hard to get, so that's a good reason
right there.  Guitar psych.

Similar to this is Houston, TX's Linus Pauling Quartet (Killing You With
Rock) - heavy psychedelia with crazy abandon.  "Dance of the Bugpeople" is a
total gas. Out-Guru Gurus Guru Guru.

And of course, there's Gong - Camembert Electrique and/or Floating Anarchy
Live '77 (with Here n Now).

And for a modern dreamy shoegazery-space sound, there's Austin, TX's 7%
Solution "Gabriel Waltz".  The Porky Tree fan in you might like this
laid-back spaced-out effort.

Richard's own label has the fine stoner outfit Datura, which you might care
for since you like Monster Magnet.  And Moby Trip is an interesting listen.

Just happy I don't have to buy all these over again.  :)

Grakkl (FAA)

ObCD:  Salvatore - Clingfilm (another Neu!-loving post-rock band...from Norway!)

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