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To me, Genesis will only ever be with Steve Hackett on guitar. His writing
and playing is totally inspired unlike some of the more cod prog-rock
compositions of Tony Banks.  Its no co-incidence the only track on Wind &
Wuthering worth listening to is Blood on the Rooftops.

Its interesting to listen to the early albums and pick out the bits Hackett
obviously wrote - Dance of the Moonlit Knight has some of his trademark
chord progressions for one.

Hackett's first four solo albums also deserve a good listen  -  after all,
has anybody ever done anything quite like Tiger Moth Chances before or

How could they possibly consider reforming, albeit as a one off, without

Captain Bl at ck.

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> >Disc 3 has this amazing live Supper's Ready from the Rainbow '73.
> Ah. OK. It's simple then- I have to buy it.
> > They are simply a great band who finished in 1979.
> Maybe even a little earlier, I reckon Steve Hackett's departure was the
> nail in the coffin, though the corpse did twitch a bit- there's the odd
> decent track on Abacab for example, and the single "Mama" had a
> surprising sound- although I recall reading a review of it, in Sounds I
> which said simply "They thought about making an experimental record.
> They were pleased with the results. Somewhere up in the hills, the
> archangel Gabriel laughed". Which was probably about right.
> --
> Nick Medford

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