Space for Music/Strange Daze

K Henderson henderson.120 at OSU.EDU
Wed May 23 10:58:48 EDT 2001

>Speaking of festivals. Does anyone know if anything is going on in N.E. ohio
>or in the vicinity this summer? NO STRANGE DAZE:-(((( Is anything else going

Jim is trying to organise a travelling indoor show, kinda like last year
pre-Strange Daze, with Harvey again, Mr. Quimby's Beard, and a 'host' band
for each city.  Like Skye Klad in Minny, Quarkspace here in Col's,
AP/BtG/Sloterdijk I imagine in NYC/Phila., etc.  But I think the actual SD
events at the Ledges are sadly over.  :(

This tour would be circa October I believe.

Grakkl (FAA)

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