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On Tue, 1 May 2001, mike c wrote:

> So are the rumours we get down here in Texas true, that Syd smokes
> cigarettes, does paintings, and watches TV with his mom...(like me)

        His mother's dead now and he's supposed to live with his
sister. TV I imagine features, but all that anyone actually knows is that
he goes walking in the early evening and doesn't talk to people, and
doesn't look the same these days. So as I say you get a lot of people who
claim to have seen him but given the rest of the band didn't recognise him
in 1975, I place every little credence in it.

        Though a friend of mine used to have a habit, still does as far as
I know, of singing to herself while walking somewhere alone so as to keep
up her confidence. One evening she was doing this, with a tune of her own
invention and walked past an unkempt and nondescript fellow who was
leaning against a wall. This didn't make her any the more comfortable,
especially when she found she'd taken the wrong road and had to go back
past him. At this point however she found he was singing a harmony part to
her tune. On reporting this to a more Floyd-wise friend of hers she was
told with awe that that was where Syd is supposed to take his evening
constitutional... Make of it what you will. The rumours we get in
Cambridge are the same as the rumours you get I guess. Those who know
where he lives are only telling the odd jorunalist, and Syd doesn't make
for a good interview any more. Yours,

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