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I apologize about the bass thing, and I was certain
Moorcock had performed some role, other then just a
poetic voice, for the sake of Calvert.  Maybe, a
trumpet then.

Thanks - Jay

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> >Eli -
> >
> >The Warriors at the Edge of Time release, by
> >Cleopatra, contains a large collecters book of
> >Hawkwind related items,
> The Illustrated Collectors Guide To Hawkwind.
> >and several interviews.  One
> >is with Moorcock and he discuss his friendship with
> >Calvert, and how he did perform with Hawkwind as a
> >bass player for a period of time.
> Time to re-read it perhaps. I just have, since I
> couldn't remember any
> mention anywhere ever of Moorcock playing bass for
> Hawkwind. In the
> interview, he mentions filling in for Calvert,
> specifically that it was
> the first time he had performed Sonic Attack. He
> doesn't mention bass.
> >  This is probably
> >pre-Lemmy.
> Between In Search of Space and the Space Ritual.
> --
> David Blair

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