OFF: "any color you like as long as its black" - my new mohawk lasted for a month

Amphetamine Embalmer superskrull666 at YAHOO.CO.UK
Tue Oct 8 12:44:47 EDT 2002

Sure, so I'd netscraped all of gothland with my whole
Discharge spiel and decided to spend some money on a
new mohawk. I had just been to the city and loaded up
on half a gram of speed and a couple of new CD's,
namely replacing the Turbonegro tribute and getting
Tiamat's "Skeleton Skeletron" in the absence of "Judas
Christ". Arriving from Oslo an the local train in
Asker where I live, I walk right into a hairdresser
and say I want a black mohawk. It felt really good.
I'm wearing glasses these days so I needed the change
as I'm out of fresh contacts at the moment. They
spiked my hair up really good. I went home and shot up
and decided to go shopping some more CD's locally at
the local mall. Bought about 20 CD's to nostalgically
replace a bunch of old stuff and get a few new things,
namely three favorite Grateful Dead CD's ("Aoxomoxoa",
"Live/Dead" and "American Beauty"), an old Faith No
More one, a couple of Iron Maidens ("Number Of The
Beast" and "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son"), a Jethro
Tull ("Broadsword And The Beast") and a Genesis
("Nursery Cryme"), Kula Shaker and Supergrass, the
double Sex Pistols "Never Mind The Bollocks" remaster
with the extra crap CD, Mercury Rev and Primal Scream,
Queen's "Jazz" because it has "Dead On Time",
Metallica's "Master Of Puppets" mostly for the title
track, the second Pink Floyd album, the first Boo
Radleys and Ride CD's and MC5's "Back In The USA".
Then I went home and enjoyed myself. A month later I
decide to shave off the rest of my hair to be a
skinhead. Totally. Have to pick up that Ulver
"Bergtatt" CD I have laying for me at the store in
Oslo too, along with the "Nemesis Divina" by Satyricon
and the latest Manowar disc. Heavy! I also finally got
myself a new keyboard last week so I can actually type
messages like a normal human being again. So that was
my first real mohawk story after all my long haired
Nazarene style mohawks.


"Captain Swing wants his revenge at the Solstice at
        - Inner City Unit

"Uncle Sam is very humane, he'd do anything for
anybody...¨ He'd put him out his misery, give him some
nuclear death... Uncle Sam is very humane..."
        - Hawkwind

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