OFF: Judge Dredd "After Forever"

Amphetamine Embalmer superskrull666 at YAHOO.CO.UK
Tue Oct 8 12:41:25 EDT 2002

Been thinking about this one for awhile:
One of my favorite Judge Dredd stories has to be the
one where Judge Dredd is travelling across the
Scorched Earth to Mega City 2 to get a cure for a
plague that's destroying Mega City 1. He encounters a
mining colony run by a violent and cruel slavedriver
who treats his alien slaves as animals. The alien
slaves are from strip mine colonies on alien planets.
Judge Dredd asks a 'lil alien ant eater guy who
carries rocks for the slave driver for directions and
gets help. At some point later the ant eater alien
drops a big rock and is cruelly and mercilessly and
without reason beaten to death by the slave owner.
Judge Dredd avenges the alien's death by murdering the
slave owner and buries the cute 'lil alien guy,
shedding a tear. Dredd holds a simple burial ceremony
and mourns for a moment and says something like "I am
sorry it had to be this way, little fellow. Our earth
has suffered the holocaust and it is just the way it
is supposed to be. Nobody is supposed to 'get it' in
space travel. I am sorry we took your life on this
planet. Rest in peace. Amen.". Judge Dredd shows his
emotion with a short moment of silence and continues
on his trek.


"Captain Swing wants his revenge at the Solstice at
        - Inner City Unit

"Uncle Sam is very humane, he'd do anything for
anybody... He'd put him out his misery, give him some
nuclear death... Uncle Sam is very humane..."
        - Hawkwind

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